Laura Ford Exhibition, Weeping Girl at Blackwell

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26 January - May 2018
Contemporary ceramicist, Katie Spragg has created works inspired by Blackwell that aim to evoke a sense of wonder about being...
On display now
This permanent display explores the memories and photographs of the girls and boys who studied at Blackwell from 1941 to 1976.
On display now
This permanent display explores Blackwell and the Arts & Crafts movement with designs by the father of the movement William...
On permanent display
Textile historians and furniture specialists have created a master bedroom in the style of Blackwell’s architect, Mackay Hugh...
18 May - September 2018
As part of the Lakes Ignite festival, discover Di Mainstone’s Time Mirror on our lawn.
18 May - 9 September 2018
See world class ceramics in this exhibition that challenges the notion that ceramics are primarily functional.