Grayson Perry exhibition at Blackwell Arts & Crafts House in Cumbria

Grayson Perry: Spotlight loan

Friday 21 September - February 2019

Turner prize winner Grayson Perry established his career in the field of ceramics, taking classical sculptural forms and portraying universally human subjects on their surface.

This small display of amazing ceramics is the first time Royal Academician Perry's work has been exhibited at Blackwell. 

It is a fantastic opportunity to see these pieces in the context of an Arts and Crafts home. 

Perry’s work confronts and depicts issues surrounding gender, identity, social status, religion and sexuality, while telling stories of individuals and literary heroes intrinsically linked to British identity.

This Spotlight display proceeds a Grayson Perry exhibition at Abbot Hall Art Gallery. From Friday 9 November - Sunday 17 February is Julie Cope's Grand Tour: The Story of a Life by Grayson Perry.

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