houseplace by Chris Keenan

29 July - 9 October 2016

Chris Keenan is a nationally and internationally recognised potter known for his distinctive porcelain pots with their combinations of tenmoku and celadon glazes.

houseplace is the result of his residency at Blackwell earlier this year. In a series of ceramic installations, he explores and responds to ‘this extraordinary and mind-consuming house and the man behind its creation.’ The works in this show are for sale.

'There are few things that offer me greater satisfaction than being at the wheel, throwing or turning. My work and knowledge of clay occupies a fairly narrow band of the extremely broad ceramic spectrum but that band does go deep. I have only ever used porcelain and for the most part, only two glazes. I largely make work in small batches and for these, repetition is key; but the word “repetition” belies the reality that each piece represents a separate examination of the form in question and is a nuanced response to a previous incarnation.' Chris Keenan

We came to see Chris Keenan's response to this wonderful house and are so moved by it and the whole house. Truly wonderful! Thank you. A visitor.

Chris Keenan's vision and making - exquisite. Best placed here at Blackwell than at any gallery. Playful and delicate - I think my favourite so far is the interactive tile jigsaw - but haven't discovered all of his gems yet! Congratulations to Chris Keenan for his skill and imagination. A visitor.

In 2014 he undertook a six week residency at the Mashiko Museum of Ceramic Art, Japan, working with local clays and glazes. His work is held in public collections including the V&A Museum in London, Ashmolean Museum in Oxford, and York Art Gallery.

The residency was organised by Lakeland Arts and the Craft Potters Association and funded by the Headley Trust.

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