Fifty Shades of White

15 January - 28 February 2016

From the winter snows cloaking the Lakeland Fells to the elegant simplicity of Blackwell’s whitewashed exterior and the meditative calm of its drawing room inside, white challenges our senses. It is perceived both as a combination of all the visible hues and as an absence of colour, and is symbolic of the untainted and uncorrupted. From Japanese Shino glazes to the purest Chinese porcelain, white has always held a peculiarly tricky allure for artists and craft makers.

This display brings together a selection of vessels and ceramics from Lakeland Arts’ collections. It includes modern makers from around the world, such as Taiwanese potter Chun Liao, Danish ceramicists Bodil Manz and Inger Rokkjaer, London-based Japanese maker Nao Matsunaga, and master potter Edmund de Waal, whose recent book, The White Road, sees the author make a a journey, via China, Cornwall and Dresden in search of the origins of porcelain, the purest, most transparent ceramic of them all. The quest for white, in all its varied shades, has no geographical boundaries.

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