Sense and Perception: Ceramics by Felicity Aylieff

7 May - 13 July 2003

Blackwell is pleased to present ‘Sense and Perception’, the first ‘touch friendly’ exhibition featuring Braille signs for the visually impaired visitor.

Aylieff’s large scale abstract sculptures have generated great interest since her work began at the Royal College of Art in 1996. Since then she has established a growing reputation for sculptural forms in delicate textured and coloured clays, culminating in her nomination for the Jerwood Applied Arts Prize in 2001.

Unusually, Aylieff has allowed Blackwell to make this a ‘touch friendly’ exhibition - visitors are invited to explore the works on display by hand as well as eye, providing an intimacy of experience that is not usually permitted in an art gallery. Aylieff’s work has proved popular with visually impaired visitors and the large abstract sculptures have been made from several different types of natural clay to provide a variety of textures. Braille signs will be available alongside the exhibits. With names like Bud, Seamless-Red and Bitter Sweet it is up to visitors to decide what they mean.

The exhibition spaces at Blackwell once consisted of bedrooms, each designed individually with its own bold colour scheme linking the walls, tiles (William de Morgan), windows and fireplaces. The bright and spacious rooms, with their breathtaking views over the lake make an ideal setting for this contemporary exhibition.

Image - © Felicity Aylieff
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