Nine Colourways: Contemporary Glass

12 February - 27 April 2003

The first exhibition of the year at Blackwell - the Arts and Crafts House, will feature studio and production work by some of the UK’s leading glass artists. The exhibition will focus exclusively on artists working with hot, blown glass techniques and will illustrate the quality and range of contemporary work using this method.

A number of the artists were founding members of the renowned Glasshouse in Covent Garden. The Glasshouse was a seminal influence in the revival of an art glass field in the UK, and was founded in the 1970’s by a group of contemporary designers working with hot glass techniques. Those founder members are now leading figures, continuing this relatively young tradition through both studio and production work, as well as through teaching the makers of tomorrow.

This exhibition is relevant to Blackwell as John Ruskin, a key figure in the Arts and Crafts movement berated the Victorian craftsmanship which resulted in cut glass - preferring hot glass because he liked its plasticity, and believed it to be a more honest and natural use of the material.

All of the pieces in the exhibition will be for sale with production work starting from £20 and individual pieces from £400.
The exhibition has been organised by Amanda Game of the Scottish Gallery in Edinburgh and is exclusive to Blackwell.
Exhibitors: Jane Bruce, Bob Crooks, Catherine Hough, Annette Meech, Steven Newell, Pauline Solven, Fleur Tookey, Christopher Williams and Lindean Mill.

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