Juxtaposition: New work by Kate Schuricht and Mizuho Koizumi

29 April - 8 June 2008

Since meeting in 2000, ceramicist Kate Schuricht and silversmith Mizuho Koizumi have felt a mutual appreciation for each other’s work. This joint exhibition at Blackwell is a timely opportunity for them to explore the possibilities of collaborative work for the first time, in a cross-disciplinary two-man selling exhibition.

At first glance the connections between Kate Schuricht’s and Mizuho Koizumi’s designs may not be immediate. Despite the obvious differences in form, however, their work is informed by parallels in conception and presentation; drawing inspiration from nature and Japanese culture, their work is suffused with a sense of tranquillity and serenity. ‘Elements’ and ‘Alchemy’ form a series of stoneware and raku fired jugs, conceived as small-scale installations designed to be positioned in intimate groupings, Mizuho’s new work, building on her characteristic explorations into the interplay of man-made materials and plant life, follows the development of an intricate process of weaving with silver to create a series of sculptural yet functional open-weave basket forms, each incorporating a flower vase.

Image - Kate Schuricht, ‘Alchemy’, stoneware/precious metal
Image - Mizuho Koizumi, ‘Arum Lily’ vase, woven silver with silver vase, 2007
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