The School Years

Huyton College evacuated its junior girls to Blackwell in 1941 to escape the bombing of Liverpool during the Second World War. With their lively and creative headmistress Miss Murphy at the helm the pupils time at Blackwell seems idyllic. Summers were spent helping local farmers, walking on the fells and swimming in the lake and winters skating on the flooding courtyard created by Miss Murphy with buckets of water. Huyton College re-opened after the war, but continued to use Blackwell as a preparatory school until 1962. When they left, Blackwell School was formed and lessons continued until 1976.

Many pupils have shared their fascinating stories and photographs to create this permanent display about school life at Blackwell.

The project is supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund.

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  • The White Drawing Room was used as a class room when Blackwell was a school.


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