Roger Fenton and Julia Margaret Cameron: Early British Photographs in the Royal Collection

31 January - 27 April 2011

This exhibition demonstrates the exceptionally important patronage of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert at an early stage in the history of photography by highlighting two key photographers: Julia Margaret Cameron (1815-79) and Roger Fenton (1819-63). The photographs by Roger Fenton in the Royal Collection rank as one of the world’s finest holdings of Fenton’s work. The small group of images by Julia Margaret Cameron is in outstanding condition and relatively unknown. Twenty-two of the finest works by Fenton and Cameron from the Royal Photograph Collection will travel to three UK venues. This exhibition at Blackwell, its English premiere, is complemented by a small display of photographs and photographic objects relating to the development of photography in the Lake District drawn from private collections and from the Lakeland Arts Trust’s own collections.

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Supported by - Arts Council England

Image - ‘Interior view; the round tower’ (Detail), Windsor Castle, 1860, Photographed by R. Fenton, Royal Collection © 2010 Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

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