The Pottery of William De Morgan

17 July - 22 December 2002

William Frend De Morgan (1839 - 1917) was the most sought after potter of the Arts and Crafts movement. The impact his designs and glazes had on ceramics can only be compared to the overwhelming influence William Morris had in the field of textile and wallpaper design.

The production of tiles formed the backbone of De Morgan’s output from the beginning of his business onwards and there is a large number on display in this exhibition, including a large body of tiles with floral motifs. There are also humorous animal tiles, as well as four of the highly prized ship tiles. A wide selection of vases, plates, bowls and tiles show the full range of De Morgan’s most popular motifs; flowers, ships, animals, fish and birds alongside imaginary beasts such as serpents and dragons.

With works on loan from The De Morgan Centre, London, and many pieces from private collections throughout the country, this is a rare opportunity to survey the broad range of De Morgan’s ceramics within the context of a very special and rare example of an Arts and Crafts movement house.

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