New Jewellers

7 February - 17 April 2005

We re-open for 2005 with a display of new work by eleven contemporary jewellers, each chosen for their unique styles and diverse influences. Their work is very varied, but what they have in common is a sensitive use of materials and a fresh approach to design. Most of the makers featured are recent graduates in the early years of independent practice, and several are recent exhibitors at the Crafts Council's annual Chelsea Craft Fair.

Work by more established makers, such as Daphne Krinos and Michael Carberry, will also be displayed to show the diversity of both emerging and existing talent in this field of craft in Britain today. Many have interesting backgrounds, most notably Michael Carberry, who changed careers from being a well known National Hunt jockey to jeweller!

Many of the makers combine traditional skills in silversmithing with an interest in modern design and production methods. Tom Mehew, for instance, uses industrial plastics and high quality synthetic materials in combination with precious metals to create unusual but wearable pins and corsages that are part industrial design, part origami.

By contrast, some of the other makers look to the past for inspiration, yet still design with a modern approach. Alison Macleod incorporates elements of 1950s ideal domesticity in her witty brooches and earrings. Ruth Tomlinson's work reflects her diverse historical sources of inspiration, from Pre-Raphaelite paintings to archaeological finds.

All the works are for sale and pieces can be bought through the Arts Council "Own Art" scheme that enables the purchase of contemporary art and craft through interest free loans of between £100 and £2000. Own Art has been designed to make it easy and affordable for people to buy contemporary works of art including paintings, photography, sculpture, jewellery, glassware and furniture. The scheme is intended to help artists live by their creative output and support galleries who sell high quality contemporary art.

The eleven makers are: Donna Barry, Michael Carberry, Sarah King, Daphne Krinos, Anna Lewis, Alison Macleod, Tom Mehew, Sarah Parker-Eaton, Suilven Plazalska, April Stock and Ruth Tomlinson.

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